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Where to find UHT milk ?

UHT milk can be found in most Canadian supermarkets. It is usually located in the bakery isle near the milk powder. It could also be labelled dairy beverage, milkshake or other diary product name, depending what has been added or deleted to the basic milk source.

The convenience of UHT milk does not come cheap, compared to a 4 L pasteurized milk

$4.69 - 4.90 average at most places. (Ontario).

uht milk where to find


Here are some brands and prices we found in Ontario.


2 Lt - 2% UHT Milk. I called Parmalat to ask where their U.H.T. milk is sold. Customer service could not answer this and was unsure of the product. Must be a big seller!

Beatrice (Parmalat) 355ml white or chocolate $ 1.25 at Dollarama in Ontario. - Product of USA

Presidents Choice

3x200ml Individual Servings - Partly skimmed Regular, Chocolate, or Vanilla.  2.99 Zehrs


1 Lt Baboo - Toddlers 1-2 years old. The suggested retail price for Baboo is $3.29 per litre and $6.99 per 6 x 250ml.


Coffee-mate coffee whitener (including various flavours)  

435 ml  $2.00 at various retailers - on sale quite regular

Grand Pre

1 Lt - 2% - $4.19 at Zehrs

3x200ml -  Individual serve $3.29 at Loblaws. Item details.

3x200ml -  Individual serve $3.49 at Food Basics

Saputo - Dairyland/Neilson   

Various flavoured milk. Vanilla, Strawberry and various chocolate bar selections. These single serve selections are usually found in the refrigerated section, even though they are good for 8 months.

The sale price is normally $1 per unit.  Walmart, No Frills, large supermarket chains and convenience stores.

Gay Lea

Supplying the food service industry with UHT Milk products. Also a leader for individual serve coffee and tea creamers (2% and 10%)

Found online

Although very limited here is what we have found in our search for an online supply.

Found in store

Please help us.

We are working on a list of locations across Canada.

If you find UHT Milk in Canada, please let us know. We get many requests from consumers looking for UHT milk products.

Here is our current list of locations

Thanks to the people for the support.

Check out the location by province Here

UHT milk location by province in Canada Uhtmilk coupon gift card canada